The old saying goes, the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

And whilst I have never found myself in need of eating an elephant, I believe that this mantra is true for all large tasks.

Many people are afraid of committing to a larger goal or challenge because they cannot foresee how they are going to achieve it in its entirety. However by breaking it down into small manageable bite sized chunks anything can become possible.

This is one of the reasons I love running ultra marathons. The concept of running 80km is almost unfathomable…

As climate change gets worse and nature fights back our stuck on foundation homes are getting smashed. Be it from storms, erosion, land slides, tornados or earthquakes there seems to be one disaster after another at the moment. Each time this causes billions of dollars in damage to our housing and of course the money required to fix these issues as well as rebuild council infrastructure.

But to be honest, it just doesn’t make sense.

In the same way in the age of the internet it makes no sense to have telephone lines going into houses, in the age of…

How to create a greater impact

Photo by Jordan on Unsplash

One of the unintended byproducts of wealth creation is influence. Why is it that the more money you make, the more influence you typically have?

I break it down into the concept of the circles of influence. We each have a limited amount of influence over societal behaviours. However as we grow our businesses and we impact more people our range of influence expands as well. Much like the ripple effect of a stone being dropped in a pond, the larger the stone, the greater the ripples and the greater the influence of those ripples as it hits the sides…

Work is becoming more about the impact that you make, rather than the job you actually do. In fact many millennials and Gen Z’s actually rate working for a company that has a greater purpose and the opportunity to do good over what they are going to get paid.

In the Wealth Creation space I have noticed exactly the same thing. Those who have a bigger purpose always do well, those who do not, often flounder never really achieving anything. Your purpose needs to be at the forefront of everything you do, everything you believe and you should be unashamedly…

When Facebook was struggling Mark Zuckerberg went to Steve Jobs for help.
Jobs told him he needed to reconnect with his mission for the company and suggested he went to visit India — in particular Kainchi Dham. This is the exact spiritual journey Jobs took when he was having challenges with Apple.

It was through taking the time out of the daily grind and reconnecting to his vision and mission that Facebook grew into the company it is today.

This story really makes me stop and reflect on how we show up in our own lives and our own businesses.

An Earthship is a house built out of natural and recycled materials — most commonly featuring earth rammed tyres and designed to operate off grid.

The Earthship architecture concept began to take shape in the 1970’s when architect Michael Reynolds wanted to create a home that would do three things. First, it would utilise sustainable architecture, and material indigenous to the local area or recycled materials wherever possible.

Second, the homes would rely on natural energy sources and be independent from the “grid”.
Third, it would be feasible for a person with no specialised construction skills to build.

Since then…

Universal Basic Income is an income that is distributed to all citizens regardless of their current income or employment status. It is either a fixed amount sent weekly or monthly or else it is a one off lump sum. But it is designed to ensure that it is enough for people to live off.

The argument for UBI is that it ensures everyone has the minimum cash they require in order to live. The argument against it is that it will make people lazy and they won’t work.

But UBI is very different to a benefit. A benefit was always…

Are you prepared for the food revolution?
News articles can be confusing and contradictory, I have seen some articles saying that food is going to get SUPER expensive as climate change renders land useless. This is going to create food scarcity and this push prices up.

Yet on the other end of the scale I am seeing the opposite, I am seeing a reinvention of food as it moves away from farm and into the lab. Whilst this is a concept that might scare a lot of people, the reality is that science has played a huge part in our…

What do you do when you have a spare $500bn sitting in the bank?
Well, since 2017, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been working with teams of consultants to develop his vision for the $500 billion city in the currently barren northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia.

Neom — meaning ‘New Future’ is an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it comes at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions.

I remember as a kid my parents saying “money doesn’t just pop out of thin air you know” which is interesting because in recent times the technology has been invented to create resources out of thin air, thus making the need for money possibly redundant.

Electricity from thin air:
A team of scientists from USA have come up with a cool little device they call the “air-gen” which creates electricity from the moisture found in air. A naturally occurring microbe produces electrically conductive protein nanowires. By tapping these nanowires using electrodes, the device can generate enough electricity to power small electronics.

Kyron Gosse

A futurist and entrepreneur, Kyron helps social entrepreneurs, change makers and everyday heroes to create freedom so they can stop working to make a living.

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