Neom — the $500b city in the desert

What do you do when you have a spare $500bn sitting in the bank?
Well, since 2017, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been working with teams of consultants to develop his vision for the $500 billion city in the currently barren northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia.

Neom — meaning ‘New Future’ is an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it comes at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions.

So let’s take a look at some of the futuristic technologies Saudia Arabia plan to leverage in order to achieve this massive feat.

1. Neom is supposed to draw on “cloud seeding” technology to make artificial clouds which will produce more rainfall than naturally possible in the desert.

2. Neom will also have the “leading education system on the planet,” with classes taught by holographic teachers

3. Another idea is a ‘Jurassic Park’-like island for tourists with robotic dinosaurs.

4. At night Neom is supposed to be illuminated by a giant artificial moon.

5. People will get about using flying taxis

6. The Red Sea coastline will be altered with glow-in-the-dark sand added to its beaches.

7. AI will know everything you do

8. Neom would host a genetic-modification project of some sorts, to create “a new way of life from birth to death reaching genetic mutations to increase human strength and IQ.”

9. Robots might out number humans — as all the processes will be automated.

10. It will be a special economic zone, so you might be able to live there if you wanted