We will all be self reliant in the future

As climate change gets worse and nature fights back our stuck on foundation homes are getting smashed. Be it from storms, erosion, land slides, tornados or earthquakes there seems to be one disaster after another at the moment. Each time this causes billions of dollars in damage to our housing and of course the money required to fix these issues as well as rebuild council infrastructure.

But to be honest, it just doesn’t make sense.

In the same way in the age of the internet it makes no sense to have telephone lines going into houses, in the age of solar panels and atmospheric generators it makes no sense to be connected into council water mains or electric grid either.

Think about it, technology is now good enough that we can create completely self sustainable houses which have absolutely no need to connect into any council infrastructure, which saves councils billions of dollars in infrastructure costs, maintenance and instalment which therefore means we can build cheaper housing.

For houses that don’t have good access to solar, wind or other renewable energy sources, they can be hooked up in a micro grid, allowing neighbours to power neighbours and creating a true community asset, whilst allowing for micro transactions to occur. This can all be monitored by and transacted over the blockchain.

As for water, other than collecting rain water and bores of course, houses can now implement water from air generators which work much the same way as dehumidifiers. Additionally, these could also be linked into a hydro micro grid to allow neighbours to share their excess water with each other too.

Finally sewage systems can be replaced quite easily with water recycling machines, composting toilets, septic tanks and in fact there are even special septic systems which turn the methane from sewage into a natural cooking gas.

Now that is smart thinking.

So the big question really is how long will it takes the authorities to get on board with this way of thinking, and how much money needs to be wasted in the mean time?